About Us

Rethinking Healthcare

The objective of healthcare should be to maximize the quality of life for the entirety of one’s life. At Rethinking Healthcare, we believe this should include the human body and mind, not a sole focus on the presence or absence of an illness or the presence or absence of functionality. Living a healthful life should be considered a team sport, with health professionals being the “coaches” and the individual as the “star athlete”.  We also believe there is a cost to everything in life, but cost should not be prohibitive to the access to care. Many individuals who comment on healthcare issues advocate for “solutions” driven by ideology, rather than practical or economic viability. We firmly believe that solutions to outrageous regulation and prices exist within market dynamics. For these reasons, Rethinking Healthcare is being brought to the marketplace of ideas with the goal of bringing access to information for those in need, while offering solutions to existing problems, in a practical and meaningful sense. 

Todd Furniss has over 30 years of global experience in private equity, consulting, and operations as a senior level operating executive. Mr. Furniss has done business extensively throughout the Americas, the European Union and Asia. Additionally, he has implemented operations strategies that grew businesses in more than 10 industries. He currently serves as the CEO of gTC Group, a private investment firm dedicated to creating value for stakeholders in middle-market, technology-enabled business services, financial services, and healthcare companies and the correlated real estate. His life circumstances have lead him to develop a passion for healthcare and a strong desire to address and rectify our current system’s shortcomings. Furniss is the author of “The 60% Solution: Rethinking Healthcare” and the host of podcast, “Civil Discourse“.