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Rethinking Healthcare

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Rethinking Healthcare

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Rethinking Healthcare

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Changing The Status Quo Is Difficult But Not Impossible.

Welcome to Rethinking Healthcare, your comprehensive healthcare resource. We are proud to offer a wide range of products and information designed to help you save money and achieve your health and wellness goals. 

Civil Discourse is a podcast hosted by Todd Furniss, where participants are free to share their ideas and show empathy for other’s perspectives, with the intention to advance to a better solution to fix a societal ill. Civil Discourse focuses on topics that are particularly complicated to find new and unique solutions. 

What People are Saying about

"This book could spark the kind of refreshing change so necessary in American healthcare today. It’s the ideal time for us to learn the lessons Todd Furniss shares in The 60% Solution helping us all achieve 100% of the change necessary to make affordable patient-centered care a reality in our lifetime."
Rethinking Healthcare
"Rooted in and motivated by his own family’s tragic medical history, Todd Furniss offers an insider’s look at what works, and what doesn’t work, in our healthcare system. Furniss rejects ideological calls for magic-bullet solutions like single payer. Instead, he identifies the problem areas in health care and offers laser-guided, practical reforms that will just make our system work better."
Rethinking Healthcare
Robert A. Lawson
"The 60% Solution weaves together personal anecdotes, interesting business cases, and compelling policy recommendations to make a powerful case for healthcare reform. The author has first-hand experience with the vagaries, wastefulness Definitely recommended reading for innovative and forward-thinking policy makers."
Rethinking Healthcare
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